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Smarter Savings and Greener Living

Experience the benefits of increased energy efficiency at home


Increase your home's energy efficiency and take advantage of the many benefits

Increased comfort at home

Maintain your ideal comfort. Enjoy coolness or warmth whenever you want

Savings on monthly utility bills

Reduced energy consumption means lower utility bills each month


Access available rebates and incentives

Many home efficiency upgrades are eligible for rebates or other incentives 

Environmental impact and healthier living

Energy efficiency upgrades can lower greenhouse gas emissions and pollution

  • Why do we care about home energy?
    20% of greenhouse gas in the US are related to home energy use. We also know that reducing energy use has a lot of other benefits for homeowners, but the process can be difficult to navigate. We want to make home energy efficiency more accessible.
  • What are home efficiency upgrades?
    There’s something for everyone. Home efficiency projects range from switching to a smart thermostat or LED light bulbs to upgrading your old heating and cooling systems or installing solar panels. Homegrown’s personal calculator helps you create the plan that’s right for you.
  • Which efficiency upgrades are right for me?
    We combine information about your home, including location, temperatures, and any additional information you provide, to generate an estimate your home’s energy use and which upgrades may benefit you the most depending on your priorities - comfort, bill savings, home investment, emissions reduction.
  • What is Homegrown
    We’re a platform for identifying home efficiency opportunities and a tool to help homeowners navigate the process. We help homeowners capture the benefits of energy-efficient upgrades while reducing their carbon emissions.
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