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How a Massachusetts Couple Cut Utility Bills & Boosted Comfort with a Weatherization Project

Ever wondered if those energy-saving upgrades are really worth it? Let's take a closer look at the experience of a Massachusetts couple who decided to find out for themselves in early 2023. They were like many homeowners, eager to make their home more efficient but unsure where to start.

Already ahead of the game with a modern HVAC system and upgraded windows, they weren't sure what else could be done to maximize comfort and savings. They were curious about local utility rebates they kept hearing about and so decided to explore further, but also conscious of the fact they they are retirees on a fixed income and so cautious about spending too much or over investing in their property. 

Before deciding whether to invest in any upgrade projects, the homeowners took the time to consider what the savings from each of those upgrades might be, and if the upgrades made sense for them. For example, while their may be benefits to a heat pump, it was not the right fit for them since their HVAC system was relatively new and in good shape.

After considering the costs and savings, they decided to hire a contractor to add additional attic insulation and update the air sealing on their existing duct-work. The whole job took less than four hours, with minimal disruption to their daily routine. And thanks to the available local rebates, they only had to pay approximately $1,100 out of pocket, a cost they were comfortable with based on the projected savings.

Over a year in, they are very happy with the savings they've experienced on their energy bills. After the project, their energy consumption dropped by 18% compared to the prior 3 years which is saving them approximately $1,330 a year.

Their story isn't unique. Homeowners across the country face similar challenges—balancing budgets while aiming for a comfortable, efficient home. That's where we come in. Homegrown is pleased to be able to be a partner to those businesses helping homeowners in their communities navigate and access the rebates and savings available to them.


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