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The single-family rental landscape is evolving

Leverage climate and sustainability data to drive differentiated growth

Homegrown's comprehensive suite of solutions

Emissions Data & Benchmarking

Asset Optimization

Property Credentialing

ESG Reporting

Emissions Data & Benchmarking
  • Energy consumption model and carbon emissions on a discrete home-by-home, regional, and portfolio-wide basis

  • Benchmark portfolio or BFR developments against surrounding housing stock

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Asset Optimization
  • Analyze property level emissions portfolio benchmarked against state and national averages​

  • Detailed asset level analysis and renovation scoring​

  • Identify highest yield renovation and upgrade opportunities to accelerate emissions reductions​ and track over time​​​

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Property Credentialing
  • Identify properties and upgrade investments that meet credential requirements for ‘green’ financing​​

  • Third-party validation for green/sustainable financing programs

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ESG and Impact Reporting
  • Customizable reporting formats and and investor-ready metrics

  • ​Measure progress towards net zero goals

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Unlock differentiated growth with Homegrown

ESG reporting
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Asset climate risk
Sustainable impact for communities

See how SFR managers can access energy insights with Homegrown

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